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  • Israel (Tel Aviv and Kfar Hanokdim)

    Israel (Tel Aviv and Kfar Hanokdim)

    A complicated place but worth a visit if you can stand the questioning at arrival and departure.

  • Pyramids golf course in Cairo?

    Pyramids golf course in Cairo?

    A review of the Pyramids Hilton golf course by a 15 handicapper

  • Egypt – part 2

    Egypt – part 2

    Photos of my trip to Egypt in August 2022. Khan El-Khalili Market, Coptic orthodox churches, northern Egypt beaches (Almaza bay)

  • Emilio in Italy

    Emilio in Italy

    Sometimes it’s nice to get away. Living in Kinshasa is a bit intense. Getting out here and there, if you can, is a good thing to reset your mind. The madness of the city and country can get you down and narrow your mind.

  • Things to do around Kinshasa

    Things to do around Kinshasa

    So you’re in Kinshasa. What can you do outside the city? Here are a few.

  • A day in Johannesburg and Pretoria

    A day in Johannesburg and Pretoria

    I drove around on a Monday to three popular sites: Zoo lake in Rosebank, the Union buildings and the Voortrekker monument in Pretoria. All of them were eerily quiet. I took these pictures.

  • Luki rainforest biosphere near Boma

    Luki rainforest biosphere near Boma

    Last weekend, with some friends, L and T, we went to a rainforest biosphere or reserve called Luki near Boma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We drove from Kinshasa on Saturday morning. We arrived at around 8pm in Mangala/Luki after several calls to find the place. It took us 12-13 hours with an hour…

  • Photos again – March 2021 – Kisantu, Matadi, Muanda

    Photos again – March 2021 – Kisantu, Matadi, Muanda

    More DRC photos taken on the road between Kinshasa, Matadi, Kisantu, Muanda in March and April 2021. Enjoy 🙂 On the road between Kinshasa and Muanda, there are trucks, motorbikes, customs officials, police, toll gates. There isn’t much harassment if you’re lucky and don’t upset anyone… Motorbikes on the road Hills on the way to…

  • Bombo Lumene national park

    Bombo Lumene national park

    The Bombo Lumene national park or the “Domaine et Réserve de Bombo-Lumene” is 3-4 hours outside Kinshasa. It has many animals, insects and birds that you can see if you’re lucky! It is run by the ICCN, the conservation and environment ministry. They received a little funding from the European Union but the park is…

  • Sunday in Kinshasa

    It’s quiet today. It’s the best day to drive around and see the city. There’s no traffic or hardly any. You can take a few pictures without being harassed. If you want, you can drive out of the city but there’s tons of traffic as you leave the city centre… It’s getting warmer. The rainy…

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