Welcome! This is another blog! There are ideas and stories of my life in the DRC and elsewhere. There is no particular objective. Just to share and express myself on the World Wide Web in a space that I call my own – photography, music, travel, ideas, experiences, information and anything else. I’m a Canadian, Indian, Nicaraguan, French and Spanish speaking Congolese of sorts. Enjoy your visit 🙂

Recent blog posts

A Kinshasa shopping guide

A quick guide of shops to buy food, electronics, appliances, etc… in Kinshasa

Remote life

Everything is remote these days Remote jobs Remote friends Remote girlfriend Remote dancing Remote life Remote sleep Remote fun Remote families Remote death Remote birth Remote holidays Always working and messaging Always on the phone Always distracted Maybe you are now your phone’s remote? When will we realise that remote means far and disconnected Be […]

Hotel Metropole in Matadi

The Hotel Metropole in Matadi was built between 1925 and 1930. It seems to have officially opened in 1930 according to Wikipedia. It is a gothic revival styled building (Wikipedia) and apparently designed by architect Ernest Callebout.

Mama Lufuma, a single mother and child shelter in Matadi

I recently went to Matadi to visit a non profit organisation helping young mothers and their children called Mama Lufuma (Website is in Flemish. A translation to English is in progress). There are 15 or so kids that are between 6 months old and 10 years old. Their mothers also live in the shelter. There […]

Kinshasa : Fuel shortages, traffic and wewa godfathers

You wake up and step outside and notice a massive queue of cars around the block at the fuel station next door. You’re not sure what the cause is. You hear it is about unpaid government fuel subsidies, the war in Ukraine or some other confusing issue with fuel companies.

Egypt – part 2

Photos of my trip to Egypt in August 2022. Khan El-Khalili Market, Coptic orthodox churches, northern Egypt beaches (Almaza bay)


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