Photos again – March 2021 – Kisantu, Matadi, Muanda

More DRC photos taken on the road between Kinshasa, Matadi, Kisantu, Muanda in March and April 2021. Enjoy 🙂

On the road between Kinshasa and Muanda, there are trucks, motorbikes, customs officials, police, toll gates. There isn’t much harassment if you’re lucky and don’t upset anyone…

Motorbikes on the road

Hills on the way to Matadi

Midema, a flour company, has its own port in Matadi

Matadi bridge

Around Matadi. Congo river.

Sunset on Muanda beach

La Beviour hotel. A very fancy hotel that is in stark contrast with the city of Muanda, a small coastal town with very little to no economic activity. The locals live with very little means and fishing doesn’t seem to be an important activity. An oil company, Perenco, is the only big employer in the town.

Sunset and a Perenco oil platform on the horizon

Beach and sunset

There are mangroves in a protected national water park managed by the ICCN, the public environmental conservation institute of the DRC. They get funding from the very few tourists but also Perenco the oil company with a few oil platforms and drilling wells in the area but not in the park!

Waves caused by the huge amount of water pushed in the Atlantic ocean at the mouth of the Congo river



Clams brochettes that will be sold in the local market by villagers living on islands in the mangroves park

Palm tree and bird nests on one of the fishing communities in the Mangroves area.

Muanda public beach, you can see plastic rubbish and other things thrown onto the beach. Some of these must come from Kinshasa and the whole Congo river up to Kisangani and beyond…

Beach front road in Muanda

Kisantu botanical garden lodges (under construction)

Plants in the Kisantu botanical garden

More plants in the Kisantu botanical garden

Ants crossing. Kisantu botanical garden

Kisantoise, an artisanal mangoustan liquor for 25$ sign, they ran out. For sale at the Kisantu botanical garden shop.

Orange bark. Australian eucalyptus in Kisantu garden.

Wasp on a flower

Flowery bush

Red flower (name?)

Yellow flower (name?)






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  1. Nsakala Avatar

    Top merci pour les chouettes photos Halila

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    1. K Emilio Noorani Avatar

      Merci Halila! Avec plaisir!


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    […] to Matadi, Muanda or even Luanda if you have a few days (See the mangroves in […]


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