Bombo Lumene national park

The Bombo Lumene national park or the “Domaine et Réserve de Bombo-Lumene” is 3-4 hours outside Kinshasa. It has many animals, insects and birds that you can see if you’re lucky!

It is run by the ICCN, the conservation and environment ministry.

They received a little funding from the European Union but the park is highly underfunded and needs to be heavily improved if it wants to attract tourists from Kinshasa in more or less comfortable conditions. However, it would lose it’s charm as an idyllic place without creature comforts.

There are two motorbikes for the entire park and only 30 employees. The rangers do not have vehicles and live in very simple conditions (no electricity or running water).

You go there to camp and be in nature.


There are rooms to rent but they are spartan.

It is a trip easily done on a saturday morning until sunday evening.

The turn on the main road is located here :

Here are a few links about the park:

There is an instagram page called “Expédition Bombo Lumene” setup by researchers that place camera traps in the park. They post the animals that appear and pictures of the wildlife.

The Congo Bucketlist is a blog with great ideas of things to do in the DRC.

Check out this short 15 minute documentary by the instagram “Expedition Bombo Lumene” team

Plan your visit ⬇️ Planifiez votre visite:





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