Israel (Tel Aviv and Kfar Hanokdim)

A complicated place but worth a visit if you can stand the questioning at arrival and departure.

The passport control took 2 hours and felt very lengthy. I’ve heard it can be quite intense and thorough. Luckily, my questioning was done politely and pleasantly but it was repetitive. Three different people asked me the same questions which was irritating but I figured they were just doing their jobs. Eventually, I was told I could enter the country.

Once in, I stayed in Tel Aviv and met with family and friends who were also there to attend a wedding of a family member. It all went well (up to now!) and I managed to easily take a few pictures, unlike in the DRC where it’s nearly impossible to walk and click!

See the pictures below of my walk along the beach front of Tel Aviv and a desert resort Kfar Hanokdim.



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