Pyramids golf course in Cairo?

I thought I would try to play 18 holes in Egypt in crispy hot August weather. I found one that was kind of close to the pyramids, the Dreamland golf course (Hilton shares it with another hotel).

I booked an early tee time only to find out you can’t really see the pyramids from the course. That’s not quite true though. You see one of them on top of a hill near the 4th tee box. In any case it was a good experience albeit a lonely one. It’s a social sport. Good thing the caddy was there!


Hilton page

Dreamland golf


It turns out there was another course that was super close to the pyramids but is now a garden/hotel. See the picture below. I couldn’t actually find it. I was told by the Caddymaster of the Dreamland golf course that it is now used by a hotel as a garden but used to work 20 years ago.

I don’t think this course exists anymore unless Golf Digest is right. I think it was the Mena House golf course but it doesn’t seem to exist. See link here
This is how it looks now I think. Mena House hotel by Marriott webpage
Mena House

Hilton Pyramids golf course

In any case, I played the Hilton/Dreamland golf course that is shared with the Swiss Inn hotel in Giza.

It was a nice course that wasn’t too challenging. It got a bit hot. There were a few people playing with full sun protection clothing. It looked kind of funny but I guess the sun is no joke here.

Sun protection is no joke in Cairo in August/July.

Here are pics of the course. They irrigate it massively with puddles everywhere in the mornings. I’m guessing it all evaporates.

The fairways were impeccable.

The greens were a bit slow but in good condition. There were a few hard reads but they pitched very well.

The tee boxes were in great condition with very nice little pyramids as markers.

All the lake edges were also very clean.

All in all, the course is in a very good condition despite the sweltering heat. It’s much easier to play and maintain in the winter (around December). The team was extremely helpful and spoke English fairly well.

In the end, I shot a pretty terrible round of 19 over par (88 gross) with a few lost balls, triple bogeys, pars and one birdie.


For Hilton hotel residents it was around 100 USD for the green fee, cart, caddy (200 EGP, without tip). I found it kind of steep but perhaps with some friends it can be worthwhile and in more pleasant weather ie December or winter.


You can email the club for more information on the course!

Give it a try! 😊




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