Emilio in Italy

Sometimes it’s nice to get away. Living in Kinshasa is a bit intense. Getting out here and there, if you can, is a good thing to reset your mind. The madness of the city and country can get you down and narrow your mind.

I am in Italy for a friend’s wedding.

It’s been a great few days but travelling alone is sometimes a bit dull or lonely. I’m glad I enjoy writing. But at some point you miss your friends and feeling like a creep in a touristy town can be overwhelming when everyone is in groups.

Anyways, it’s only a few more days. Soon I’ll be back in the glorious Congo.

Do you like travelling alone? Why? Why not?

My itinerary in Italy:

  • Landed in Rome (beginning of July, 30-35 degrees Celsius and sunny everyday!)
  • Went to the south (Palinuro, 2 hours south of Naples by car) by train (Trenitalia, 40 euros train ticket). That’s where the wedding was. Incredible place, a bit hot and dry but beautiful beaches. Try to rent a boat for a day and COVER YOURSELF in sunscreen unless you want to die of sunburns 🥵
  • I came back to Rome and just galavanted in the various neighborhoods for a few days before my flight back. I tried Emma Pizzeria after reading a website (Time Out). They make Roman pizzas (thin edges) not Napolitan pizza (no thick edge crust). The service was slow but the pizza was good. They make people wait 1 or 2 hours if you don’t book ahead!
  • So far Garbatella is one of the most authentic or unique places I found thanks to a Financial Times article (Paywall unfortunately)

See for yourself a few photographs of my trip.

Vatican City 🇻🇦

St Peter’s square and Basilica
Vatican 🇻🇦 guard
Inside the Basilica
Oranges or lemons, I’m not sure. In the Vatican garden
Vatican garden
Inside the Vatican museums
A pretty important statue (get to the museums at 7:30 am to avoid the crowds! Book online a few weeks or months ahead!)


Trevi fountain gets a bit crowded!
Have some fun and try a Lime (Uber) scooter 🛴
Visit St Mary Maggiore basilica

To get around, I used a 72 hours Roma public transport card for 18€ and the Google Maps app. The buses sometimes never show up or you might jump onto the wrong bus like me (pay more attention than me 🙂 ).

Inside of St Mary Maggiore

Garbatella (metro stop in Rome)

Google Maps link

Start here : Piazza Benedetto Brin and walk east along Via Francesco Passino to Piazza Eurasia


Google Maps link to Lido Il Marinella beach in Palinuro

Stay in the center to enjoy a bit of shopping. Rent a car as taxis don’t seem easily available.

Try Da Isidoro pizzeria.

Sail boats 🚤 on the coast



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3 responses to “Emilio in Italy”

  1. kaimdilekeno Avatar

    AND You are gifted in your writing …that is for sure!!!


  2. pmermel Avatar

    Name: SnoWalker

    Email: pmermel@hotmail.co

    Website: http://www.snowalker.net

    Message: What’s up family!
    I have family in Kinshasa and MBandika.
    Do you have whatsapp? If so send me a message. 2534952437

    It would be cool to meet a Congollese mural artist.

    “Sno” Lords – Ex Vandals


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