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  • Kinshasa by night

    Kinshasa by night

    Pictures of Kinshasa by night. The 24 Novembre or Liberation boulevard. Seen from a rooftop. Enjoy! 🙂

  • Photos again – March 2021 – Kisantu, Matadi, Muanda

    Photos again – March 2021 – Kisantu, Matadi, Muanda

    More DRC photos taken on the road between Kinshasa, Matadi, Kisantu, Muanda in March and April 2021. Enjoy 🙂 On the road between Kinshasa and Muanda, there are trucks, motorbikes, customs officials, police, toll gates. There isn’t much harassment if you’re lucky and don’t upset anyone… Motorbikes on the road Hills on the way to…

  • More photos of Kinshasa and surroundings

    More photos of Kinshasa and surroundings

    I was able to take a few photographs of Kinshasa from various places without getting harassed. Here they are. I hope you like them! Some are from Chacha, a rooftop bar in Gombe. Others are from Mon Béguin another rooftop bar in Gombe (with a yellow sunset) There’s also a picture of a colourful weird…

  • Music in the DRC

    Music in the DRC

    A short history of Congolese (DRC) music with a few classic tracks

  • Graffiti tour of Kinshasa

    Graffiti tour of Kinshasa

    Have you seen graffiti in Kinshasa? Don’t think there is? Think again! Here are a few I saw around Kinshasa in Bandal. The artists I met, Chris and Malco, do it out of love for the art and need more fans and supporters. Drive around Kasavubu in Bandal on a Sunday to see these. Have…

  • More photos of Kinshasa during Covid

    More photos of Kinshasa during Covid

    More photos of Kinshasa during the curfew/Covid… Things haven’t changed much. Just masks, get home before 9pm. Parties start earlier now. Bars and restaurants are changing their hours. No one wants to sit at home.

  • Photographs of the river loop before a storm

    Photographs of the river loop before a storm

  • Mwambe (Palm chicken dish)

    Have you had mwambe (or moambe, the spelling is always a problem!) ? It’s a palm oil based chicken dish in Congo. You should give it a go. It is served with sweet fried plantains, “saka saka” or a type of spinach like dish using manioc leaves. It’s all served with some normal local rice.…

  • Gbadolite, 2016

    Here are a few pictures of the city, the roads and the old Mobutu palace. Check out William Clowes’s excellent article on Gbadolite https://roadsandkingdoms.com/2015/the-ruins-of-dead-despots/ And Thomas Nicolon’s video report https://www.france24.com/fr/20181102-billet-retour-rdc-congo-nostalgie-mobutu-gbadolite-zaire

  • Internet problems in DRC

    Vodacom sent us a message that their fiber optic cables got cut🤦🏻‍♂️. Oh joy… It’s not rare to have internet issues here. It’s sometimes alright but it’s very hard to get affordable internet…

  • Another Sunday in Kinshasa

  • Sunday in Kinshasa

    It’s quiet today. It’s the best day to drive around and see the city. There’s no traffic or hardly any. You can take a few pictures without being harassed. If you want, you can drive out of the city but there’s tons of traffic as you leave the city centre… It’s getting warmer. The rainy…

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