On the road from Matadi to Kinshasa

Photographs of what I saw on the road from Kinshasa to Matadi in October 2022.

It’s probably not necessary to mention, but a road trip in the DRC is not quite the same as one in Europe or North America or other countries. There are no road side fuel stations, restaurants, toilets, internet connection or indications. There are tolls but they also ask for your passport. God only knows why.

It only took us 10 hours. We left at 8am and sat 1 hour in traffic in Matadi and had to slow down behind many trucks along the way. Another 2 hours to get through the Kinshasa traffic. We eventually got home at 6pm.

Google says it would take 6 hours but no, it didn’t.



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2 responses to “On the road from Matadi to Kinshasa”

  1. Kim Avatar

    Recently took this trek but went all the way to Muanda. Took us 18 hours!!!!!!

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  2. Francis Avatar

    hey kim, I am curious are you Jamaican? Jamaican in congo nice!!


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