Christmas in Congo

How can you wish someone a merry Christmas when they are living on the street? How can you send someone a WhatsApp « best wishes » when their town got bombed on Christmas Day (Beni CNN article)?

But we live in a bipolar world, where we can go eat a nice warm French croissant while others come to you for 500 fc for a piece of bread.

Christmas in Congo is a contradiction. But maybe life is a contradiction and even more so here.

Too bad your flight got cancelled due to Covid, somewhere else someone’s life got cancelled because of war and hunger.

Nonetheless, merry Christmas to all. It should be a time of celebration but if it’s not I wish you resilience and strength. Cherish the day if you’re among the lucky ones to celebrate with family and friends.

Maybe there’s something I can do to help, maybe there isn’t. I guess if we’re there for each other, even over a WhatsApp or a phone call, it’s better than nothing.

Lots of love,


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