Pink Floyd and 24 Novembre

Pink Floyd, Live at Knebworth 1990 (YouTube)

As the hawkers pass by
And the motorbikes zip pass
As the kids laugh and joke
As the taxi drivers say “Lemba Lemba”
As the dust flies over your face
As the smoke enters your lungs
Pink Floyd soothes your ears, heart and mind
The Great Gig In The Sky
Live at Knebworth 1990
Feeds your soul
Brings you a sense of calm
In the madness and chaos
The next song is “Wish you were here”
The shops haven’t opened yet
You wait but you don’t mind
The guitar gently kisses your eardrums
“So you think you can tell?”
And you sing along
It’ll be ok
Just keep singing

Pink Floyd and 24 novembre, Khalid Emilio Noorani, 18 november 2021



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