Riding a moto taxi in Kinshasa

Moto taxis.

So they’re technically illegal in the Gombe area and police stop them all the time and ask for 20 to 30$ fines from the drivers.

But, you will find them driving up and down the streets with 1 to 3 passengers behind them. Some are women, some are babies, some are Indians or Lebanese too!

You won’t recognise which one is actually a licensed taxi as there is no such thing as a licensed moto taxi!

They all drive around like casual drivers without helmets or closed shoes. They’ll wear sunglasses or a hat and some flip flops.

A typical ride

They will charge 500-1000 FC or 0,25 or 0,50$ per trip.

If you’re a sucker (or white, aka a “mundele” in Lingala, or just a bad negotiator like me), you can get billed 3000-4000 FC for a 10 min trip from the center of town (Cour Suprême) to Gare Centrale – 3 to 4 km away.

Ask them to go slow.

It is definitely not recommended to take one because there are so many bad drivers here. However, sometimes traffic is so horrendous that you will have no choice.

Here are a few pictures of my trip.

The driver was friendly and a big evangelical believer 🙂

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