The Democratic Republic of Gombe

As you may well know, the upmarket borough of Gombe is not like the rest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Locals cheekily call it the Democratic Republic of Gombe

It is only in this tiny part of a country the size of Europe that you can think it is a “normal” city or country

But as soon as you step out

It all changes

Roads are not roads

Traffic is massive

Motorcycles overtaking you left and right

Loud honking and polluting cars drive everywhere

People screaming through their windows

The sun roasting passengers in public transportation or small taxis 🚕

Kids running up and down lanes asking for change

The real Congo lies outside this little island of fancy shops, restaurants and bars

It’s no surprise you’re asked to never leave this neighborhood on your own

Take a driver, take security

Cops lurking for a weak and obedient citizen

Don’t sit in traffic

You’ll be taunted and pushed

“Hurry up” “Let me through”

Ah yes

The Republic of Gombe is where you think things are going quite well in the DRC

But step out and you’ll get a shock

You should definitely get out and explore but be warned, you’ll need to be a bit tougher, a bit meaner, a bit smarter, a bit more skeptical, a bit faster, a bit more aggressive, a bit more risk taking

Don’t be afraid

Drivers and people can sense it and will take advantage

Stay strong and confident

It’s worth exploring on a Sunday or in the evening when your senses aren’t overloaded

Enjoy the journey mate!





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