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Random photos of rain, plants, flowers and an apple pie

Here’s a bunch of pretty pics 😂 Drops on a bud Budding yellow flower Mint 🍃 Rain 🌧 drops on a yellow flower 🌸 Drops 💧 from a gutter Deflated flamingo and her baby Feathers of an African Grey parrot 🦜 Apple 🍏 pie 🥧 and cream 🥛 Plants after a rain Moringa plant leafs… Continue reading Random photos of rain, plants, flowers and an apple pie

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Vendredi 12 novembre 2021

Une chaleur étouffante et écrasante ce vendredi 12 novembre 2021. Les voitures s'entassent sur les rues, sur les chaussées et sur les trottoirs. Tu essayes de passer avec la tienne mais laisse tomber. La chaleur est encore plus suffocante pour ceux dans les ketchs (petits taxis à 4 places avec des volants du mauvais côté, terme local pour ces voitures) sans clim.

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Motorcycle adventures in Kinshasa

Today I got stopped by the Police while on my motorcycle. They had no uniforms. Motorcycle ride on the main boulevard (Boulevard du 30 Juin) The supposed cop walked up to my motorcycle and just removed the keys. Motorcycles are not allowed in Gombe apparently but they’re everywhere. I am one of the few with… Continue reading Motorcycle adventures in Kinshasa

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More photos of Kinshasa and surroundings

I was able to take a few photographs of Kinshasa from various places without getting harassed. Here they are. I hope you like them! Some are from Chacha, a rooftop bar in Gombe. Others are from Mon Béguin another rooftop bar in Gombe (with a yellow sunset) There’s also a picture of a colourful weird… Continue reading More photos of Kinshasa and surroundings

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A walk around Gombe

I went for a walk🚶‍♂️ today. Gombe before sunset is a chaos of speeding cars. Police and random people standing outside properties staring at the silly white guy walking around with his earphones. "On fait tâche" The streets are clean enough. Sidewalks are littered with plastics. Public spaces aren't cleaned. People waiting for buses. Some… Continue reading A walk around Gombe