Rains and rains and rains

While we live a nice life from our balconies in the republic of Gombe, other Kinshasa dwellers are flooded under heavy rains and their houses are disappearing into erosions.

The change of season brings heavy tropical rains with it. The city, being poorly planned, suffers from inadequate rainwater drainage. There are also millions of empty plastic bottles that block the open sewers across the city.

Some are hungry and can’t get by with their tiny salaries.

A person we know lost a part of his house that disappeared with the massive rains. He broke down in tears and asked for help.

Another didn’t have money to buy food and was hungry. Are these all ruses or tricks to ask for money or are they really battling? Most likely life is super tough.

After heavy rains, plastic bottles floating on waste water flood houses and streets. There is a video posted by Greenpeace of streams of plastic bottles.

The mighty Congo river eventually receives all this human waste.

Greenpeace link

Millions of plastic bottles in dried up river Kalamu in Pont Kyanza, Kinshasa.© Junior D. Kannah / Greenpeace

There are plastic companies trying to resolve the issues but maybe authorities need to do more.

Link to OK Plast article

World Economic Forum article on a company reusing the waste.



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