A walk around Gombe

I went for a walk🚶‍♂️ today.

Gombe before sunset is a chaos of speeding cars.

Police and random people standing outside properties staring at the silly white guy walking around with his earphones.

“On fait tâche”

The streets are clean enough. Sidewalks are littered with plastics.

Public spaces aren’t cleaned. People waiting for buses. Some homeless waiting for some charity. Security guards standing around watching you go by.

Cars and motorbike taxis hooting at you if you want a ride.

People cleaning cars.

Workers enjoying a beer on a terasse.

Women and men carrying goods on their heads, hustling to sell.

The weather is pleasant enough

Brazzaville stares back at you

The majestic Congo river looks inviting but will swallow you without a second thought

Stupid blue corrugated steel sheets block the view of the river for several meters. Someone is building right in front of the river ruining a beautiful view that once upon a time anyone could enjoy. Urban planning gone wrong yet again.

You better look left and right when you cross a road. Someone might be in a rush and won’t bother slowing down if they see you.

Can you spare a dime for the kid? He tells you he hasn’t eaten.

What about the mother? She’s also at the end of the tunnel.

What about the artist starving even if his art is beautiful?

Can’t you help him?

Do you feel guilty yet?



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