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  • A trip to Leuven, Belgium

    A trip to Leuven, Belgium

    Home to a large university (KU Leuven), Leuven is mostly a student town situated east of Brussels (It is a 20 minute train ride away). It is on the Flemish side of Belgium, in Flanders, so don’t expect to speak French! Use your English skills or try to learn a few words of Flemish. It…

  • A Sunday on the Congo River

    A Sunday on the Congo River

    Photographs of the Congo river near Kinshasa and sandbanks

  • Sunday evenings in Kinshasa

    Sunday evenings in Kinshasa

    Everything is quiet The streets are empty The taxis are gone Sellers have gone home One or two cars zoom past A few beggars roam the streets

  • Sitting in Kinshasa traffic is tiring

    Sitting in Kinshasa traffic is tiring

    The rain has made it worse. We are waiting for hours to move 1 m. Everybody pushes for an inch. Everybody waits for an opening but there is none.

  • Photographers of the Democratic Republic of Congo

    Photographers of the Democratic Republic of Congo

    Here is a list and tribute to many great photographers who came to or from the Democratic Republic of Congo and made it part of their lives and work. Alice Seeley Harris (1870-1970) (Photojournalism) “Lady Alice Harris (born Seeley; 24 May 1870 – 24 November 1970) was an English missionary and an early documentary photographer. Her photography helped to expose…

  • C’est pas le Congo!

    C’est pas le Congo!

    Le Congo et l’Europe, les différences

  • Traveling out of the DRC

    Traveling out of the DRC

    What it feels like to leave the DRC

  • Meeting the Pope

    Meeting the Pope

    My handshake with the Pope. I was somehow invited to meet the Pope during his visit to the DRC.

  • Another year in the DRC gone by

    Another year in the DRC gone by

    Since the 1950s our family has been in the DRC, since the 1950s things have gotten harder for most Congolese. Seeing a country get worse and worse for 73 years can be heartbreaking. From the 50s there have not been many families that have stayed in the DRC for so long.

  • A city stuck in traffic

    A city stuck in traffic

    Nowhere to go. Stay in your seat. Watch cars squeeze left and right. Watch motorcycles slide between you and your neighbours. You’ve got AC at least Yellow taxis on the left, military 4x4s and politicians jumping the queue. Everyone is hitting their horns. Your driver is also losing patience. “What on earth is stopping everyone?”you…

  • Visiting Jaune Congo, a farm outside Kinshasa

    Visiting Jaune Congo, a farm outside Kinshasa

    Jaune Congo is not an ordinary farm near Kinshasa. They grow fruits and vegetables and soon, palm trees for oil production in a unique and sustainable way, hand in hand with local partners and employees. It is located here. Take the Cico cement factory road after Lukala to get there and ask for “Antoine’s farm”.…

  • Rains and rains and rains

    Rains and rains and rains

    Rains and plastics are ruining the lives of millions in Kinshasa

  • Remote life

    Remote life

    Everything is remote these days Remote jobs Remote friends Remote girlfriend Remote dancing Remote life Remote sleep Remote fun Remote families Remote death Remote birth Remote holidays Always working and messaging Always on the phone Always distracted Maybe you are now your phone’s remote? When will we realise that remote means far and disconnected Be…

  • On the road from Matadi to Kinshasa

    On the road from Matadi to Kinshasa

    Photographs of a drive from Matadi to Kinshasa

  • Mama Lufuma, a single mother and child shelter in Matadi

    Mama Lufuma, a single mother and child shelter in Matadi

    I recently went to Matadi to visit a non profit organisation helping young mothers and their children called Mama Lufuma (Website is in Flemish. A translation to English is in progress). There are 15 or so kids that are between 6 months old and 10 years old. Their mothers also live in the shelter. There…

  • Sunsets from around the world

    Sunsets from around the world

    Sunset pictures from the DRC, South Africa, Nicaragua and Egypt

  • Pyramids golf course in Cairo?

    Pyramids golf course in Cairo?

    A review of the Pyramids Hilton golf course by a 15 handicapper

  • Egypt – part 2

    Egypt – part 2

    Photos of my trip to Egypt in August 2022. Khan El-Khalili Market, Coptic orthodox churches, northern Egypt beaches (Almaza bay)

  • Egypt


    There is now a direct flight from Kinshasa to Cairo with Egyptair! The flight is around 600 USD. It leaves at midnight and takes 5 hours and 50 minutes. The plane is a Boeing 737. It’s a bit old and there is no inflight entertainment. You can watch the overhead movies 😀 The food is…

  • Emilio in Italy

    Emilio in Italy

    Sometimes it’s nice to get away. Living in Kinshasa is a bit intense. Getting out here and there, if you can, is a good thing to reset your mind. The madness of the city and country can get you down and narrow your mind.

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