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A short summary of my family’s history in Congo

Everyone calls me Emilio but my full name is Khalid Emilio. It’s Khalid because I’m of Indian descent and also Nicaraguan on my mother’s side. My father, Karim, is an Ismaili and his father (my grandfather), Sultan, came to the Belgian Congo in the 1950s with his brothers Badhur and Sadru. They were among the… Continue reading A short summary of my family’s history in Congo

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A list of NGOs and other organisations in the Democratic Republic of Congo

There are thousands of non-profits, for-profits, non-governmental organizations, foreign and national programs to help the DRC out of poverty, to end wars, to stop malnutrition or to end corruption (among many other projects). Here is a non-exhaustive list of various NGOs and for-profit projects that are or have done significant work in the country (alphabetically).


Recette: Poulet à la moambe à la Tabuku

Recette Poulet Moambe. Le poulet moambe (portugais : moamba de galinha) est un plat de poulet salé populaire en Afrique centrale et considéré comme le plat national de l'Angola. Le plat lui-même est fait en combinant du poulet, des épices et du beurre de palme pour créer une consistance semblable à un ragoût. Un certain nombre de variations locales ou régionales existent à travers le Congo et l'Afrique centrale ; le plat est également connu en dehors du continent. 


Why I left the “West”

I wanted to leave the west so much that I left Canada even before properly finishing my studies. Don't worry, I finished remotely! It’s not that I didn’t like it. I enjoyed my studies, my friends and generally liked my life over there. But I wasn’t happy. Or rather, I wasn’t satisfied. I was bored. I disliked the streets, the people (not all!), the lack of urgency and the passivity