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Luki rainforest biosphere near Boma

Luki Biosphere, seen from a view point near the base camp. Last weekend, with some friends, L and T, we went to a rainforest biosphere or reserve called Luki near Boma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We drove from Kinshasa on Saturday morning. We arrived at around 8pm in Mangala/Luki after several calls to… Continue reading Luki rainforest biosphere near Boma

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Photos again – March 2021 – Kisantu, Matadi, Muanda

More DRC photos taken on the road between Kinshasa, Matadi, Kisantu, Muanda in March and April 2021. Enjoy 🙂 On the road between Kinshasa and Muanda, there are trucks, motorbikes, customs officials, police, toll gates. There isn't much harassment if you're lucky and don't upset anyone... Motorbikes on the road Hills on the way to… Continue reading Photos again – March 2021 – Kisantu, Matadi, Muanda