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  • “Where are you from?”

    “Where are you from?”

    This question gets asked a lot when I meet someone new. I have many versions of the answer depending on the person asking, my mood or the immediate environment. I can’t seem to answer the same thing every time. Why is this question important in the first place? Why is it asked? Is my accent…

  • Pictures in Nicaragua again 2 – Gran Pacifica, Leon, Granada

    Pictures in Nicaragua again 2 – Gran Pacifica, Leon, Granada

    Hey! Welcome to another wonderful post of mine! I’ll go through a few insights or information about the holiday resort Gran Pacifica and some pictures of the Cathedral in Leon and the islands of Granada. Gran Pacifica is a golf and beach resort with a beach front with houses and apartments for sale and for…

  • Photos in Nicaragua again

    Photos in Nicaragua again

    Pictures from various visits around Managua, San Juan Del Sur and Jinotega. Enjoy and leave a comment :) Thanks!

  • Nicaragua


    I live in Kinshasa but sometimes I leave it. For example, I have now made it to Nicaragua, where I am from on my mother’s side. The trip was long but worthwhile. I am able to see family members I had not seen in many years including my grand mother. I forget sometimes how beautiful…

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