Another year in the DRC gone by

Since the 1950s our family has been in the DRC, since the 1950s things have gotten harder for most Congolese. Seeing a country get worse and worse for 73 years can be heartbreaking. From the 50s there have not been many families that have stayed in the DRC for so long.

2022 was another year of unresolved conflict, war, corruption, death, insecurity, debt, inflation, hunger, deforestation and many other negative things.

There is an account and hashtag on Instagram called #congopositif that wants to paint a pretty picture of the Congo, that wants to show the good side of the DRC. That’s a good thing, for a little while, but it should also remind us, in the DRC and overseas, that there is also a #congonegatif and we need to show it too.

There are a million voices complaining about the DRC and it is tiring to hear the same things. I understand that. But the issues won’t go away if they’re not told or discussed.

2023 will be a year of elections, of promises and maybe of fraud and lies too.

Someone like me with another passport and who can travel or leave the DRC anytime has it easy, but if you’re Congolese and poor, there’s nowhere to go, you need to stay and try and make things better for yourself. I try not to forget it.






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