Egypt – part 2

A photographer’s paradise. I took some pictures. I hope you like them!

Virgin Mary and St Simon – the Tanner Cathedral

Warning: To get to this outdoor Coptic orthodox cathedral you need to drive through a fairly poor and smelly part of town with very narrow roads. I recommend using a local rickshaw 🛺 to get you close the entrance rather than a car. It is actually in a neighbourhood called “Garbage City”.

Google Maps link:

St. Simon “The Tanner” Monastery
+20 2 23414080

Khan El-Khalili market (Bazaar)

Google Maps link:

Khan el-Khalili

Get ready to haggle a long time or get really high prices if you’re not street savvy.

Northern Egypt beach and resort (Almaza Bay)



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  1. Steve Dogg Avatar
    Steve Dogg

    Great photos, Emilio!

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