A city stuck in traffic

Nowhere to go.

Stay in your seat.

Watch cars squeeze left and right.

Watch motorcycles slide between you and your neighbours.

You’ve got AC at least

Yellow taxis on the left, military 4x4s and politicians jumping the queue.

Everyone is hitting their horns.

Your driver is also losing patience.

“What on earth is stopping everyone?”you keep asking yourself.

Inch by inch you move forward.

15 mins no movement.

You’re still 2 hours from your destination. You’ve heard of people waiting 5 hours to get home.

Hopefully not today.




Some kids have come to your window.

They’ve jumped onto your doors.

All looking into your car.

Begging for money.

“I’m hungry” for several minutes until they get tired or not.

They try their luck to open a door.

All you can do is say no or get mad.

They smile.

You can’t do anything white man.






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