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There is now a direct flight from Kinshasa to Cairo with Egyptair!

The flight is around 600 USD. It leaves at midnight and takes 5 hours and 50 minutes. The plane is a Boeing 737. It’s a bit old and there is no inflight entertainment. You can watch the overhead movies 😀

The food is simple. There are obviously no alcoholic drinks served. You can have a Pepsi or some juices.

The airport in Cairo is nice and big.

It’s a bit hot in July ie 30 to 35 degrees in the shade. Maybe go in December or April or June if you want cooler weather. Evenings are still pleasant.

Here are a few pictures of the city and the various places I visited.

A sunset seen over Zamalek from Al Azhar Park, an Ismaili funded park that charges 15$ if you bring an SLR camera
A boy came across my view. Picture turned out nice.
Cairo at sunset
Al Azhar Park
There’s a small lake in the park
The main walkway through the park
The Muhammad Ali mosque in the Citadelle
The Sphinx and pyramids of Giza
Tourists are quite fun to watch sometimes
A chandelier being repaired in the Muhammad Ali mosque
Some beautiful Egyptian art on display at the National Egyptian museum (pink building)
Landing in Cairo. View of the Nile.

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