Dry season in Kinshasa

Also known as malaria season, or mosquito season.

The air is dry but you can breathe it. There is a lot of smog that the rains can’t remove. The sidewalks are full of dust. Plastic bottles and trash line the streets.

The weather is mild, there is no stifling heat to make you cower into your air conditioned office or home.

But forget to put mosquito spray at sunrise or sunset and you will be brutally punished. Don’t wear black or dark colours, they’ll bite the hell out of you. Even if you wear long sleeves, if the material is light enough, their little nasty syringes can pierce through to suck your blood.

As a golfer, this is the best season to play. It’s never too hot or humid. It’s slightly chilly even. There’s hardly any wind too.

Go for a walk in the evening by the river and you’ll truly appreciate this time of year.

Sip on a cold beer even, stay on your balcony, play a game of football with friends or a set or two of tennis.

Nothing beats this weather.






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