A quiet Saturday

There are a lot fewer cars today somehow. I don’t hear the mad traffic, the loud honking or the “wewas” zipping around.

“Wewas” are motorcycle taxis. The word is in Tshiluba which is a language spoken in the Kasai ex-provinces of the DRC.

It literally means “you there”.

Maybe it so quiet because it’s a holiday today 🙂

I can stil hear some honking here and there.

A friend once told me that he noticed that here in the DRC it was crazy that the horn is used to communicate rather than as an emergency or a call to attention.

I realise how right he was. Nowhere else is honking so overused!

A wewa or motorcycle 🏍 taxi 🚕 (Copyright: Vice). Photography by Vincent Dolman.

The sun is out and the weather is blisteringly hot. There was a little evening rain yesterday.

Everyone is at home.

Some took yesterday off. Some will take Monday and Tuesday.

Why can’t everyday be this quiet?

It’s usually a loud and smoggy city, but today is a little bit better!






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