Watching Kinshasa from a car window

Staring out my car’s window

Seeing all the madness around me

People fighting for any inch of space on the side walk or street

Motorcycles pushing their way past you left and right

People staring back at you

“Look at that white man”

Are you a racist because you hate being stared at?

Are you a racist because you hate seeing some people on the streets being aggressive or waiting for an opportunity to steal?

Living in Congo for too long makes you mean, makes you keep your guard up, makes you not trust anyone, makes you want to micromanage everything, makes you want to question everyone

Making a living in the DRC is easy for some and impossible for others

Would you rather be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond?

You grow weary, you grow tired

The heat annihilates you

The lack of comprehension on your colleague’s face when explaining simple tasks despairs you

Surrounded by beggars and street children on a Sunday walk depresses you

The injustice of being born into poverty

The need is so great and you can only help so much

You are hated for not giving enough

“Give more”

What more can I give?

The saying “Charity begins at home” makes no sense here

We do what we can, we accept what we can’t change

Where to find the strength to succeed? To lead by example?

You cannot despair

You have to smile and push on

Keep walking as they say 🙂





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