It’s Monday evening

Mosquitoes are slowly creeping out into the wild, looking for a juicy prey

Put some N, N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide or DEET for short 😛

Play a track

Play in traffic

Wait for the crazy drivers to pass you by

Play a track on your phone

Put on the radio

Crack a beer open

The hot humid stuffy polluted air fills your lungs 🫁

You’re home

Well done

Play another track

Jump in the pool

Surf your Instagram stories

Everyone is living their best lives or so it seems

Most of the real friends aren’t posting

They’re quiet

Scroll infinitely through your Facebook feed

Oh, there’s a funny meme!

Share it!

Keep scrolling

Another funny meme! hahaha!

Do we all live online now? No, just you

If I didn’t post it or share it, did it happen?

Maybe don’t post, maybe don’t share

Maybe don’t take that selfie 🤳

Are you ok? Will you manage?

What about a WhatsApp post or story?

Send that pic to your friend,

Haha 😂 it’s funny right? Or not. Who knows.

Wow. Millions of messages in those WhatsApp groups you’re in?!

Damn. Read them all? Did someone mention you? No? Ok then it’s ok I guess 😂

What the heck? Who’s calling me? Why call? Send me a message bro…

Who calls? Only crazy people? Or normal people?

Chat soon blog readers!

Ciaooooooo 👋






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