Everything takes time in Congo (DR)

Maybe this is a rant.

In Congo, everything, or should I say, most things, take time, or should I say, take more time than they should!

A quick trip to the supermarket? Not really. Sit in silly traffic. Maybe a cop pulls you over. Maybe the card machine doesn’t work. Maybe they don’t have what you want. Maybe you have to go to several stores. Maybe someone tries to steal a side mirror. Maybe, God-forbid, you hit a motorcycle. Maybe what you want to buy is 20 or 30$ instead of 2 or 3$ back home.

What about a stamp or a visa extension? It could take a week or several months. Who knows…

Do you need a document from your bank? Or just an invoice? Or a part for your car? Sorry, it’s not in stock. Please wait 6 months.

Or maybe the person isn’t in the office? Or they’ve gone out for lunch and it’s 3pm 😂

Some things are quick though. Maybe get on a motorbike and buy some bread at Kayser? Yes that’s fast!

Or some cigarettes 🚬 at the side of the road.

I’m trying to think…

A coke and some bananas for lunch? That can be arranged 😉

But if you want a quick lunch somewhere? Very unlikely. Service is sometimes (mostly!) slow and other times there’s nothing on the menu 😂 (tiny exaggeration!)

Of course, you’re told that it’s not on the menu after 30 minutes of waiting 😂

Anyways, yeah, please be extra patient in Kinshasa…

But hey, I’ve got it lucky. Some of us have bigger issues like a volcano 🌋 exploding and getting out of town without any belongings, to places like Sake without water or electricity, not to mention a bed…

But hopefully things are improving in Goma and the inhabitants can get back home safely.

Thanks for reading my rant 😜

See you 🙂

2 responses to “Everything takes time in Congo (DR)”

  1. on sent le vécu tellement vrai top top top, pleasure to read u


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