Graffiti tour of Kinshasa

Have you seen graffiti in Kinshasa? Don’t think there is? Think again!

Here are a few I saw around Kinshasa in Bandal.

The artists I met, Chris and Malco, do it out of love for the art and need more fans and supporters.

Drive around Kasavubu in Bandal on a Sunday to see these. Have a beer in the shade. Enjoy the walk. Meet the artists. You can reach them via Instagram.

Follow the artists on Instagram!

Chris Shongo @shongokuu

From a family of artists, Chris is a talented and welcoming graphic artists with many simultaneous projects in photography, sculpting, street art and many other forms of art!

Mike Malco Designer

Mike does street art in Bandal. His art is hard to find but worth the effort. Make sure to see the art of his whole team as there are others that deserve some spotlight!

Also check out the “Radikal” spot that will soon be open to the public. They have partnered with the artists to create a unique space for events and collaboration between disruptors and innovators.

Their project is still in the making so feel free to reach out to learn more.





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