More photos of Kinshasa during Covid

More photos of Kinshasa during the curfew/Covid… Things haven’t changed much. Just masks, get home before 9pm. Parties start earlier now. Bars and restaurants are changing their hours. No one wants to sit at home.

A Tembo beer at the Colibri bar (one of the oldest bars in Kinshasa from the 1950s)
View of the Congo River from one of the Mimosa terraces
Avenue Justice, Gombe
Sun’s reflection in a pond on the Kinshasa Golf Club
The Congo river seen from the ChaCha bar at the top of the Forescom building
Hanging plants sold on the side of the road, avenue de la Justice
Elaïs Hotel swimming pool
Kinmarché supermarket





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  1. Odon Avatar

    I like thé photos

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