A Kinshasa shopping guide

So you want to go shopping in Kinshasa, where do you go? Here are a few shops or supermarkets that could have what you’re looking for, from super expensive to somewhat expensive to cheap or good value.

Let me know if I’ve forgotten some good shops!


City market supermarket
GG mart hyper after Utexafrica
  • Citymarket, a supermarket that is probably one of the oldest. They have everything, from local vegetables and fruits to super luxurious imported goods that can cost an arm and a leg. Sadly they don’t sell alcohol or pork based products. But they have a lot! Even gym equipment, trophies, outdoor stuff, DYI stuff, sports equipment and much more! Good humus and Arabic ingredients (bread, deserts, spices, etc….). And they have appliances and toys. Everything is a bit expensive unfortunately. If you can wait and buy overseas you might get things at half the price!
  • Hyper Psaro. A bit like Citymarket but has alcohol and pork products. There’s slightly more traffic to get there. They have some premium products and fruits. Quality is generally high and so are prices. Try to get the stuff on sale. Their bakery is not bad at all. A nice wine and beer selection (Belgian and French beers) and also hard liquor.
  • SK supermarkets (Utex one). Smaller shops but they have the essentials. Prices are a bit high due to convenience. They’re actually everywhere
  • Kin Marché (many but this is the gare centrale one). They’re also everywhere and have good value products. You can find them all over Kinshasa not just the Gombe area.
  • Kinmart. Somewhat big shops but quality can vary. Fairly low price and smaller selection of products.
  • GG Mart. A supermarket chain with 2 or 3 shops in town. There is one massive one near Utexafrica that reminds me of a large Pick N Pay in South Africa with a large parking lot. A lot of choices!
  • Shoprite (Gombe). A South African supermarket chain but it is closing down this year! Bandal one.

Sports equipment

  • Decathlon. They have two shops: near Zando a huge local market, and near Shoprite in the GB neighborhood. You’ll find equipment for almost every sport: golf, football, tennis, cycling, running, fishing, etc…

Fruits and vegetables

Avenue de la Justice. Fruits and vegetables near SK and Boboto school
  • Opposite SK market near Boboto school there are some fruit and vegetable stands. You can park your car and they can come to your window. Prices are a bit high because it’s quiet and produce can be good if you ask and check.
  • Zando or Marché Central but it can be a crazy place. Get there in the early hours of the morning! It’s under reconstruction at the moment (2022).
  • Marché Somba Zigida near the stadium after Pain Victoire
  • Order online via Jaune Congo. They deliver every Friday from a sustainable farm 5 hours outside Kinshasa.

Hardware shops

  • Matec/TransImport. They have a lot of choice and products are premium. Some plumbing and construction equipment. Safety gear is good. They have a few locations in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi. They stock mostly European brands
  • Ineco shops. They are everywhere and have almost everything for your DIY needs.
  • Somafix. They are also everywhere. Quality is good. Value is good too. Seems slightly better than Ineco.


  • Japan Motors. They specialise in Toyota, Nissan and other Japanese brands of cars.
  • CFAO. A dealership that represents Toyota, Peugeot and Suzuki in the DRC. They are quite big and busy. Go early and they could return your car the same day if it’s a regular service.
  • Prodimpex. Isuzu, BMW, Iveco dealer. They stock parts and can service these brands. Their showroom is huge and impressive.
  • LTService. A good reputable workshop to send your vehicle. I have not yet used them but a lot of people like their service.

Printing shops

  • Quick print. A high end printing shop. Very busy but well situated.
  • Imprimerie Mirak. A well known print shop well situated and with a good service.
  • Opposite the Institut Supérieur de Commerce near the police station on 24 novembre there’s a small print shop called Ray’s print. They’re not bad and fairly cheap and quick
  • Graphic Systems print as well. I have not used them yet.


  • Photo Guy. A very well known shop in town near Nice Cream on the boulevard near the old police station. They take the best passport pictures and are efficient. They can also print your holiday pictures and make nice albums and can get them framed for you. Facebook page

Appliances and home or office furniture

  • Union Africaine de Commerce or UAC. Samsung air conditioners, fridges, other large home appliances including laundry washers and driers. Some furnitures. TVs. Electronics like computers and phones. Near Citymarket and near gare centrale.
  • Orca. A huge furniture and home ware store with several floors of things from carpets, chairs, couches, kitchen equipment, lights, paintings, curtains, outdoor furniture, office furniture and so much more.


Red Price computers
  • Red Price computers for Apple products and other PC brands. Expensive but good quality goods and service. Limited support for Apple products. Best to go to Apple stores overseas if you have an issue.
  • Best Buy. Some Apple products but mostly PC and android products.
  • IT-COM. Mostly PC and other electronics equipment and some office furnitures
  • USCT. All sorts of electrical and electronic equipment: smartphones, voltage regulators, printers, laptops, etc…

There are many other types of shops, please share them in the comments.





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