Dating in Kinshasa

Disclaimer: I’m a pretty shitty guy to ask about dating in general so this is not loaded with experience or good advice.

What is dating like in Kinshasa, where there are girls who are only here for a few years or months?

I guess it is a personal question and everyone will give you a different answer.

You can meet a girl in your circle of friends I suppose.

You could go to a bar, but I don’t recommend it. You will maybe see 100 men and 1 woman.

I am grossly exaggerating but I’ve noticed that there are definitely way more men than women in social settings. Some bars may even be filled with sex workers!

Young blood is quickly noticed and predators are fast to pounce and attack.

You could be casual and just have fun. Maybe you can just be their friend and see where it takes you. That can work. I guess.

So you’ve met a girl. Great. Now what? Take her on a date of course! Where? Hum. That’s tricky. There are very few romantic things to do. You want privacy? Haha. Unlikely. Everyone knows everyone. You will either succeed in your conquest and be hailed a hero by all. Or you will fail miserably and be the laughing stock of the town. There is no middle ground.

Dating, I guess, is a brutal world where you can either kill or be killed.

This description sounds a little far fetched, I admit. It probably won’t be as bad for you. But it could also be much worse.

Did you have a thing with someone and it ended badly? Too bad. Now you’ll have to see them again and again and again because your friends are their friends! Haha. Sorry!

What about getting serious with them? Too bad, they won’t be in Congo for long. Someday they will leave and you’ll have to decide : “Should I leave as well or stay? Or maybe I can get them to stay?” Chances are slim that you’ll be together again somewhere else.

But who knows, you may get lucky, and it will work out and you’ll compromise and find a solution that works “best” for you and her.






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