Photos in Nicaragua again

Pictures from various visits around Managua, San Juan Del Sur and Jinotega. Enjoy and leave a comment 🙂 Thanks!


View from Cristo De La Misericordia, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, 2021
Playa El Remanzo, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, 2021
Mirador Vista Del Angel, near Managua, Nicaragua, 2021
Cell number 3, Fortaleza El Coyotepe, Managua, Nicaragua, 2021
View of Masaya mountains from the mirador Vista del Angel restaurant, near Managua, Nicaragua, 2021
Managua outskirts seen from Fortaleza El Coyotepe, Nicaragua, 2021
Nejapa golf course restaurant, Managua, Nicaragua, 2021
View from the “Hospital Militar”, Managua lake and mountains, Nicaragua, 2021
Selva Negra eco lodge, restaurant and coffee farm pond, Between Jinotega and Matagalpa, Nicaragua, 2021. “Selva Negra Hotel is located in kilometer 140, between the cities of Matagalpa and Jinotega highway. It is located on the historical highlands, where German immigrants set up the first coffee farm back in the 19th century. Their descendants are the founders of the Selva Negra Ecolodge, which still preserves some centenary traditions. The Resort still keeps interesting historical articles such as the original Railroad with no rails, that was brought to Nicaragua by German Immigrants, and was used for coffee transportation from the farm to Corinto Port, for exporting.” Our history
Casa de los Rizo, Jinotega, Nicaragua, 2021. A museum and hotel owned by the surviving family of José Rizo Castellón, a presidential candidate and ex-vice president.
Wall and street, Jinotega, Nicaragua, 2021
Jinotega mountains, Nicaragua, 2021
Managua street at sunset, Nicaragua, 2021
San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, 2021
Evening, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, 2021
Sunset in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, 2021
Sunset in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, 2021
Thunderstorm approaching in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, 2021
San Juan Del Sur boats and beach, Nicaragua, 2021

These pictures are only possible thanks to my cousins, Carlos Álvarez Rivas and Maria Waleska Guerrero Incer, who showed me these wonderful spots. A special word of thanks to them. ❤️

5 responses to “Photos in Nicaragua again”

  1. Emilio those photos are specty

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    1. Cheers Grant! Much appreciated, really.


  2. Spectacular

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  3. Fabulous pictures!!! Thanks for sharing.


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