Mad traffic

Traffic in Kinshasa is horrible

Most of the time you will spend anywhere from 1 to 4 hours in traffic, sometimes, to do 1 km, sometimes to do 100 km.

You never know.

Motorcycles are the only way to be sure to be early, or dead, at your destination.

Everyone fights for an inch. Courtesy is rare.

The madness never ends.

Your car becomes a jail cell for a whole day if you’re lucky.

If not, you’re in an overcrowded hot sweaty shared taxi bus.

Maybe the brakes don’t work.

Maybe you’re on a motorbike with 3 other people or with your baby. Yes. It’s possible.

Wear a helmet? What for?

It won’t save you from a bad driver!

Stay in your pyjamas.

Your driver is probably wearing flip flops.

Sirens blaring

Honking non stop

Do you have a headache yet? I do

Why are there 5 lanes?

How many military cars and convoys will overtake you in the opposite lane?

How many will cheat and cut in front of you?

When do you blow up?

When do you say enough is enough?

When you’re home I guess

Is it raining? Is it pouring?

Then you should park your car and wait

Because you’re not going anywhere

Is it 8pm and you’re not even in Kintambo?

Is your home after Ma Campagne?

Sorry mate

I don’t think you’ll get home before 11pm

Or are you after Debonhomme? In Limete?

Yeah, sorry

I heard it’s also terrible there

A truck overturned

Not sure when they’ll move it out of the way

Just chill in a bar

Turn off the ignition

Walk away from your worries

Walk away from your car

It’s not going anywhere

At least on Sunday it’s kinda quiet 😉






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