Driving in Kinshasa

The boulevard du 30 juin

Driving in Kinshasa is a nightmare.

There are no priorities. You constantly feel anxious. The police don’t help. They harass passengers and drivers.

Courtesy is inexistant. It truly is remarkable how people go from their home to the office everyday without heart attacks or road rage.

I don’t even imagine the difficulty of finding a taxi or public transport.

The traffic is horrendous.

When it rains, it is a nightmare.

People drive at night drunk and with full headlights that blind you. Some overtake like madmen.

Anyways, be warned that driving in Kinshasa is an adventure every time you step onto the roads.

I’ve also seen many motorcycle taxis do dangerous manoeuvres and many have been injured and died with their 3 or 4 passengers.

Road safety doesn’t exist and you need to be extra careful here…

A rather quiet intersection

Not to mention the beggars and random people that just stalk you while you sit in traffic.

If you are not Congolese, you are immediately targeted as you are seen to have plenty of money to give and are easily intimidated.

There is a rule here to never lower your windows or hand over your driving license to the police. You will be asked to give money or just be taken to the police station.

On the boulevard again

A driver is highly recommended…







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