Confinement in Congo (DRC)

The Congo River seen from a boat

Streets are empty

Or so they are supposed to be

I see a mama selling bananas

I see a drug dealer offering weed

The city center is supposed to sealed off

But a dollar into a cops pocket gets you in

Entry passes are passed around

Cases are increasing

People are dying

The poor are get poorer

The economy is in free fall

It’s only a matter of time

For mayhem to devour any semblance of order

Confinement is what it’s supposed to be

But people are still getting sick

And People are dying

Will there be any respite?

Who dares hope when incompetence is rife?

Failure at all levels describes the response

Getting back to normal will kill even more lives

Pretending we are confined will kill less

But the end of livelihoods will starve many






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