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  • A short summary of my family’s history in Congo

    A short summary of my family’s history in Congo

    Everyone calls me Emilio but my full name is Khalid Emilio. It’s Khalid because I’m of Indian descent and also Nicaraguan on my mother’s side. My father and his father (my grandfather), Sultan, came to the Belgian Congo in the 1950s with his brothers Badhur and Sadru. They were among the first Indian Ismailis (Nizari)…

  • Zamrock and Sahara blues

    Zamrock and Sahara blues

    I discovered Zamrock today! So amazing! Thank you to the YouTube algorithm! From Wikipedia : “Zamrock is a musical genre that emerged in the 1970s in Zambia. It is described as a combination of traditional African music with psychedelic rock, garage rock, hard rock, blues and funk some artists also pulled from acid rock, heavy…

  • Music in the DRC

    Music in the DRC

    A short history of Congolese (DRC) music with a few classic tracks

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