Pink Floyd and 24 Novembre

Pink Floyd and 24 Novembre As the hawkers pass by And the motorbikes zip pass As the kids laugh and joke As the taxi drivers say “Lemba Lemba” As the dust flies over your face As the smoke enters your lungs Pink Floyd soothes your ears, heart and mind The Great Gig In The Sky Live at Knebworth 1990

Vendredi 12 novembre 2021

Une chaleur étouffante et écrasante ce vendredi 12 novembre 2021. Les voitures s'entassent sur les rues, sur les chaussées et sur les trottoirs. Tu essayes de passer avec la tienne mais laisse tomber. La chaleur est encore plus suffocante pour ceux dans les ketchs (petits taxis à 4 places avec des volants du mauvais côté, terme local pour ces voitures) sans clim.

Motorcycle adventures in Kinshasa

Today I got stopped by the Police while on my motorcycle. They had no uniforms. Motorcycle ride on the main boulevard (Boulevard du 30 Juin) The supposed cop walked up to my motorcycle and just removed the keys. Motorcycles are not allowed in Gombe apparently but they’re everywhere. I am one of the few with... Continue Reading →

Golfing in Lubumbashi

The Democratic Republic of Congo. Wars. Corruption. Power problems. Crazy traffic. Water scarcity. Poverty. But there are also other things: generous, kind and helpful people, music, art, culture, nature, history and so many more beautiful things that are often overlooked. One of them will surprise you. It is the Lubumbashi golf course.

Why do I write?

Why do I write? I don’t know. I guess I like it. Getting those thoughts on paper. Sharing ideas. Sharing thoughts. Trying to make sense of my life. Trying to write down messy ideas.

Recette: Poulet à la moambe à la Tabuku

Recette Poulet Moambe. Le poulet moambe (portugais : moamba de galinha) est un plat de poulet salé populaire en Afrique centrale et considéré comme le plat national de l'Angola. Le plat lui-même est fait en combinant du poulet, des épices et du beurre de palme pour créer une consistance semblable à un ragoût. Un certain nombre de variations locales ou régionales existent à travers le Congo et l'Afrique centrale ; le plat est également connu en dehors du continent. 

Why I left the “West”

I wanted to leave the west so much that I left Canada even before properly finishing my studies. Don't worry, I finished remotely! It’s not that I didn’t like it. I enjoyed my studies, my friends and generally liked my life over there. But I wasn’t happy. Or rather, I wasn’t satisfied. I was bored. I disliked the streets, the people (not all!), the lack of urgency and the passivity

“Where are you from?”

This question gets asked a lot when I meet someone new. I have many versions of the answer depending on the person asking, my mood or the immediate environment. I can't seem to answer the same thing every time. Why is this question important in the first place? Why is it asked? Is my accent... Continue Reading →


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