Mwambe (Palm chicken dish)

Have you had mwambe (or moambe, the spelling is always a problem!) ? It’s a palm oil based chicken dish in Congo. You should give it a go. It is served with sweet fried plantains, “saka saka” or a type of spinach like dish using manioc leaves. It’s all served with some normal local rice.... Continue Reading →

Gbadolite, 2016

Here are a few pictures of the city, the roads and the old Mobutu palace. Check out William Clowes’s excellent article on Gbadolite And Thomas Nicolon’s video report The INSS building where we rented a roomThe main courtyard of the city with Mobutu’s portraitThe cathedralThe UNHAS plane that took us thereThe entrance to... Continue Reading →

Kayser in Kinshasa

Salmon club sandwich Have you been to Kayser Kin Plaza? It’s the place to be apparently. Go there on a Saturday afternoon and you’re sure to bump into someone you know. Eric Kayser A lot of people like to come here for the food and atmosphere. They make great bread. Their lunches are delicious too.... Continue Reading →

Internet problems in DRC

Vodacom sent us a message that their fiber optic cables got cut🤦🏻‍♂️. Oh joy... It’s not rare to have internet issues here. It’s sometimes alright but it’s very hard to get affordable internet...

Driving in Kinshasa

The boulevard du 30 juin Driving in Kinshasa is a nightmare. There are no priorities. You constantly feel anxious. The police don’t help. They harass passengers and drivers. Courtesy is inexistant. It truly is remarkable how people go from their home to the office everyday without heart attacks or road rage. I don’t even imagine... Continue Reading →

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