Fruits in the DRC

Take some time to enjoy the local food, specifically the fruits. It’s the beginning of the rainy season and it’s now mango 🥭 season! There are also delicious bananas but those are available year round. You can also make amazing fresh juices with local mint and ginger. Here are some pictures of what you can... Continue Reading →

Confined in Congo

What would you do if you were stuck in Kinshasa for 7 months? I worked, I played, I saw friends. It wasn't too bad. I had a nice comfortable life. I can't really complain. It could have been much much worse. How was your confinement? Are you even still confined? Now we are 7 months... Continue Reading →

Des scènes de Kinshasa

La route de l’aéroport est spectaculaire et présente d’une manière brutale et honnête la réalité du congolais. C’est à voir de soi- même l’esprit combatant du kinois. Voici quelques photos. Sous une chaleur étouffante les gens se bousculent pour gagner leur vie Les trottoirs sont des marées de boue après une grosse tempête Les pousse-pousse... Continue Reading →

Thursday afternoon

The river loop sunset today had some nice colours The whole river lit up into a pink colour. Lovely to see in person. The picture doesn’t begin to give it justice. This Thursday I went for a run along the river. I got to see yet another lovely sunset. While the rest of the world... Continue Reading →

Sunday in Kinshasa

It’s quiet today. It’s the best day to drive around and see the city. There’s no traffic or hardly any. You can take a few pictures without being harassed. If you want, you can drive out of the city but there’s tons of traffic as you leave the city centre... It’s getting warmer. The rainy... Continue Reading →

Chez le Grecque

Le restaurant grecque avec l’église sur le boulevard du 30 Juin est une institution. Ça vaut la peine de l’essayer. Ils ont des bons souvlaki mais demandez sans les frites! C’est un sacrilège.

Confinement in Congo (DRC)

The Congo River seen from a boat Streets are empty Or so they are supposed to be I see a mama selling bananas I see a drug dealer offering weed The city center is supposed to sealed off But a dollar into a cops pocket gets you in Entry passes are passed around Cases are... Continue Reading →

Poésie Congolaise

Gombe La république de la Gombe Centre des affaires Centre des riches Centre des voleurs Grand lieu de rencontre de la masse Influx massif d’hommes et de femmes de la cité Lieu de répit de la crasse du reste de la ville Îlot de calme, de propreté et de richesse dans une marée de pollution... Continue Reading →

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